MARUZEN 3PL services

The MARUZEN 3PL services makes the logistics process visible
to customers and offers a planning and coordination function
to achieve supply chain management (SCM) from
the logistics professional's viewpoint.

The Maruzen 3PL (Third-party Logistics) Services

Many companies have attempted to improve their logistics in recent years, and their No. 1 priority is reducing logistics costs. Logistics costs consist of unit cost and volume, elements which must be controlled efficiently.
But since the logistics department manages and carries out logistics operations, the only element it can control is lowering unit cost. Volume cannot be controlled, and there are also limits to how low unit cost can go.

Meanwhile, volume is determined based on production and sales department-related restrictions, such as production plans, delivery conditions and so on.
Therefore, overall optimization of SCM by cutting logistics costs depends not just on the logistics department but must also involve the production and sales departments.
In the MARUZEN 3PL services, we work with the customer to draw up a comprehensive logistics plan matching the
customer's management strategy.
Going beyond the usual role of a logistics operator, Maruzen Showa carries out not only actual logistics operations and management but also assumes a planning and coordination function with SCM in mind.

MARUZEN 3PL services

To make logistics visible, our Maruzen Logistics Partner (MLP) system, our third-party logistics data system, centralizes management of all logistics processes and makes it possible to provide customers with real-time information about their shipments online.
The first step in logistics improvement activities is to try to make the process visible. Creating a logistics system to collect and analyze operational efficiency and logistics data to make this possible is very expensive. Our MLP system makes it possible for the customer to keep investment in a new system to a minimum.