CSR Promotion System

To fulfill its social responsibilities, the Maruzen Showa Group has established a system for promoting CSR.

CSR Promotion System

Our Approach to ESG

Maruzen Showa Unyu Co., Ltd. is committed to various activities to contribute to creation of better society and sustainable development from such three viewpoints as Environment, Social and Governance. We aim to achieve a company management and a business development responding to the society’s expectations and requests from a long term viewpoint.


Environmental Preservation Initiatives

We consider environmental preservation an important management issue and are undertaking various initiatives in this direction.


Safety-related Initiatives

As a logistics company, the Group endeavors to maintain an accident-free record.

Quality Improvement Initiatives

The Group has established a Logistics Quality Committee which oversees group-wide efforts to improve quality.

Contributions to Society

The Group's social contribution activities include volunteer activities such as beautification projects in the neighborhood of our offices.

Creating a Rewarding Workplace

Our management principles state that the Group will work to improve employee welfare and training and create a rewarding workplace.


Compliance Initiatives

We endeavor to practice compliance in accordance with Group management principles.

Risk Management

Among the Group's risk management initiatives are risk assessments and establishment of a business continuation plan (BCP).