• Protection of Personal Information

Protection of Personal Information

Privacy Policy

Maruzen Showa Unyu Co. Ltd. and all Group companies ("the Group") recognize their corporate social responsibility to ensure that customer names, addresses, e-mail addresses and other identifying information ("personal information") collected on this site is handled and protected appropriately and undertake to inform and train all their employees regarding the privacy policy below and reliably enforce said policy.

  1. 1.Collecting, using and sharing personal information
    • (1) Rules for collecting
      The aims of collecting personal information will be clearly stated and personal information will be collected appropriately.
    • (2) Rules for using and sharing
      If personal information is used or shared, it will be used or shared only within the scope of previously stated aims. Information will not be shared with third parties without the individual's consent.
  2. 2.Respect for Rights
    The Group respects individuals' rights concerning personal information. If a customer requests disclosure of his or her personal information, we will comply after a reasonable period and within a reasonable scope.
    If there are errors or changes in a customer's personal information, we will rectify the information within a reasonable period of time after confirming the individual's identity.
  3. 3.Appropriate Management of Personal Information
    The Group will take appropriate measures to protect personal information and will take practical measures to prevent unauthorized access to, tampering with, destruction, leak or loss of said information.
  4. 4.Handling of Personal Information by Linked Sites
    The Group's website contains links to other sites. The Group assumes no responsibility concerning collection and use of personal information on those sites. Please see the respective sites for their privacy policies.
  5. 5.Compliance with Laws and Other Regulations
    The Group complies with laws and other regulations as well as with industry guidelines and complies with the company's rules for management of personal information protection.
  6. 6.Continuous Improvement
    The Group has a personal information management committee formed to protect and manage personal information appropriately. The committee conducts regular audits to review and improve the personal information protection system.

Adopted March 2005
Maruzen Showa Unyu Co. Ltd.

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