Intermodal Transport

Maruzen Showa has an international intermodal transport system offering transport by land, sea and air. In addition to door-to-door service combining truck, rail, ship and air transport to meet logistics conditions right up to the destination point, we optimize customers' global logistics through buyer's consolidation and third-country shipping service.

Description of Service

Buyer's Consolidation

Buyer's consolidation refers to a shipment consisting of parts or merchandise collected at a designated warehouse to which forwarders have delivered small-lot freight from multiple suppliers in the sourcing country, the freight then being loaded into a container for shipment to the buyer. This service is available in China, Southeast Asia and North America.

Advantages of Buyer's Consolidation

Consolidating suppliers' individual cargos (LCL cargo) into a full container load (FCL cargo) gives the following advantages:

  • Cuts down on ocean freight, customs clearance and other charges
  • Shortens lead time
  • Incoming shipment timing can be consolidated, thereby reducing the number of times shipments are received and cutting costs
Buyer's Consolidation Diagram
Buyer's Consolidation Diagram
We recommend buyer's consolidation for the following customers:
  • Customers with assembly plants in Japan sourcing parts from several suppliers in specific producer countries.
  • Customer buying merchandise from multiple sellers in specific sourcing countries and wishing to ship everything together to Japan