Logistics Solutions

International Transport


Global Logistics

We support our customers' overseas operations by coordinating among domestic and overseas offices and making information visible.

At Maruzen Showa, we support our customers' entry in overseas markets by moving production facilities abroad and other overseas expansion, through coordination among our network of domestic offices, 20 offices around the world and our overseas partners. Our overseas logistics system makes the local logistics process visible, achieving efficient logistics between overseas offices and making the supply chain efficient.

Import- and Export-related Services

We offer speedy handling of import and export cargo, including import- and export-related paperwork and stevedoring.

Customs Clearance

Our seasoned experts handle customs clearance swiftly and reliably. We are also an AEO operator with a strong compliance and security system.

Export Packing

In addition to packing general export cargo, we have extensive experience in packing heavy loads and irregularly shaped loads.

Domestic Logistics


Truck Transport

We offer truck transport for a wide variety of both specialized and general cargo: computers, medical equipment, testing apparatus and other precision equipment; heavy loads such as construction equipment or construction materials; chemical products and other hazardous materials; and general cargo such as moving offices or personal belongings. Close attention by our specialized staff is designed to ensure customers' peace of mind.

Rail Transport

Warehouse / Storage

Warehouse /

Storage and Logistics Processing

Yard Operations

Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering