Rail Transport

Maruzen Showa is a member of the All Japan Freight Forwarders Association. In cooperation with JR Freight, which handles trunk line rail transport and rail freight forwarders responsible for pickup and delivery, we provide door-to-door intermodal transport service for our customers' freight.

Description of Services

Features of This Transport Service
  • Safe, reliable and rapid transport over a nationwide network from Hokkaido to Kyushu.
  • We handle arrangements to have your cargo picked up and delivered by rail freight forwarders at departure and arrival stations at the time and place you designate.
  • If container pickup and delivery does not suit your needs, we can arrange to have your cargo trucked to the departure station and transloaded onto a container, and vice versa at the arrival station, for delivery to destination.
  • If delivery of container cargo arriving at the arrival station is delayed, customers can use our free short-term storage service for 5 days.
We recommend rail transport to the following customers:
  • Customers thinking of switching to a more environment-friendly transport mode.
  • Customers looking for a transport operator with a nationwide network and a proven intermodal transport record.
  • Customers looking for service meeting needs such as cargo pickup and delivery at a specified time or date, short-term storage, etc.
Ever-evolving Rail Transport, an Environmentally-friendly Option
Ever-evolving Rail Transport, an Environmentally-friendly Option
  • Rail transport-high-volume, high-speed and punctual-is the mode of transport with the least environmental impact.
  • Container transport uses 12-foot containers developed by JR Freight, as well as 20-foot or 40-foot ocean freight containers. Additionally, 31-foot containers, which can be loaded onto large trucks, are in use.