United States of America

Maruzen of America, based in Los Angeles near the Port of Long Beach, handles forwarding to cities throughout the U.S.

Maruzen of America,Inc.

Head Office

  • Forwarding Department
  • Cold Warehosue Department
  • Accounting Department


Tel:(310)637-8874 Fax:(310)608-1258(Forwarding/General)

Tel:(310)632-9993 Fax:(310)762-2914(Warehouse/cold)

Carson Branch

  • Dry Warehouse Department

821 EAST, 230TH STREET, CARSON CA. 90745 U.S.A.

Tel:(310)834-4950 Fax:(310)834-8060

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Carson warehouse dockyard

Interior of Carson warehouse dockyard

Interior of the refrigerated storage warehouse

  • We make arrangements for intermodal transport arrangements by combining various transport modes.
  • We handle food products, fruits and vegetables in our cold storage and refrigerated storage (with fumigation and heat processing facilities for fruits and vegetables).
  • We offer Web-based inventory control.
  • We handle shipping to Mexico.
  • Product repacking, bagging and other logistics processing services are available.
  • We have a bonded area where we can transload freight and transport it under bond.
  • We are C-TPAT-certified and offer reliable security.

We transport freight throughout the North American continent and Mexico.


Sojitz Maruzen Logistics Mexico, S.A. de C.V.

218 Nivel2 Edificio Alfa Wtc Industrial, Ave.

Central 104, Col. Parque Logistico,

San Luis Potosi, Slp Cp 78395, Mexico

Tel: 52-1-444-0076

  • Sojitz Logistics and Maruzen Showa, SMLM's establishment represents an opportunity to utilize each company's expertise in transporting large-scale equipment to construct an "integrated machinery and equipment transport service ," encompassing everything from import customs for equipment to domestic transport and installation.
  • Through cooperation with our group in USA, we handle cross-border shipping between USA and Mexico.
    We also provide truck / container transportation, warehouse and installment in Mexico.


Maruzen Sudamericana Ltda.

Edif. "Maquisacruz" P.B. Local 3 Av.

Ecuador No.2241, La Paz Bolivia

  • Maruzen Sudamericana Ltda has been established in 1988 and worked with Maruzen Showa Unyu Co.,Ltd for over 30 years. In March 2018, Maruzen Showa Unyu Co.,Ltd. just obtained majority share of Maruzen Sudamericana Ltda as their new overseas subsidiary company.
  • Maruzen Sudamericana Ltda. has their own network in Central and Latin American countries and provides the transportation services especially for the special project and ODA grant aid cargos,
    Maruzen Sudamericana Ltda has established the intermodal shipping route of Truck, Rail, Air and river barge in Central and Latin American countries.
  • Please request us the transportation over the Andes Mountains beyond 5,000 meters above sea level. Also please ask us the long distance transportation over 3,000 kilo meters in subtropical zone with tough climate condition.

Maruzen Sudamericana Ltda. Service Network

North America and Latin America offices

  • Eight of our offices have obtained international certification ISO9001 for quality control.
  • Nineteen of our offices, including the head office, have obtained international certification ISO14001 for environmental management.