• Logistic Services

Logistic Services

3PL Service
The Group's 3PL service offers comprehensive logistics handling of procurement, manufacturing, sales and collection, for overall logistics optimization.
Global Logistics

At Maruzen Showa, we support our customers' entry in overseas markets by moving production facilities abroad and other overseas expansion, through coordination among our network of domestic offices, 20 offices around the world and our overseas partners. Our overseas logistics system makes the local logistics process visible, achieving efficient logistics between overseas offices and making the supply chain efficient.

Domestic Logistics

The Maruzen Group handles logistics on a global scale through 3PL service and intermodal transport by sea, land and air. We provide quality logistics service requiring specialized knowledge and sophisticated technological skills: moving factories or universities; integrated mechanical engineering handling for industrial plant export, from dismantling to transfer, assembly and installation of all types of large machinery; and transport of precision equipment or hazardous cargo.

AEO (Authorized Customs Broker, Authorized Ware-house Operator)

  • Eight of our offices have obtained international certification ISO9001 for quality control.
  • Nineteen of our offices, including the head office, have obtained international certification ISO14001 for environmental management.